Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hall of Justice

Based on the title of this post and the content of the posts before it, it would be reasonable to assume that this will be a long and rambling diatribe on Samurai from the Superfriends (shown at left wearing the thong bathing suit from Borat). Hahaha, you make assumptions about my blog at your peril! It's actually a post about the Baseball Hall of Fame (first, though, Samurai sucks. He has the power to conjure wind, become a tornado, turn invisible, engulf himself in flames... in other words, he's Everything Man, a character every boy pretended they were when they were six years old. Whatever power you think is cool, you suddenly have. Plus, his name is "Samurai". If he were white, he would have named himself "Knight", or perhaps just "Fighting Guy". And in hindsight? Wendy, Marvin, Wonderdog, Zan, Jana and their godforsaken space-monkey Gleek were one Scrappy Doo away from making the Superfriends the worst shitheap of animation ever produced. Sorry, I'm not getting nostalgic about it. That show blew, and I'm a worse person for ever having liked it in the first place. When my future-self travels back in time to warn me not to invest every cent I've got in that Hitler-cloning laboratory, afterwards we'll continue back to 1976 and slap the hell out of me as a child for ever enjoying Superfriends).

Well, we're out of time. Next post: the Baseball Hall of Fame gets it right this year.

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